Sillitto Design offers a full-range of marketing services to meet the needs of every client.
• Marketing Plans and Research
• Social Media Planning & Implementation
• Website Coordination & Maintenance
• Email Marketing
• Media Relations
• Advertising Coordination
• Editorial Services
• Copywriting


Why Do I need Marketing?

Almost every client will need to develop their overall marketing strategies into detailed plans and programs. Although these detailed plans may cover an entire marketing mix, the focus will vary, depending upon your organization’s specific strategies. A product-oriented company will focus its plans for its products. A market- or geographically-oriented company will concentrate on each market or geographical area. Each will base its plans upon the detailed needs of its customers and on the strategies chosen to satisfy these needs. This will help ensure that brochures and websites are used effectively.

Again, the most important element is, indeed, that of the detailed plans, which spell out exactly what programs and individual activities will take place over the period of the plan (usually over the next year). Without these specified — and preferably quantified — activities, the plan cannot be monitored, even in terms of success in meeting its objectives. It is these programs and activities which will then constitute the “marketing” of the organization over the period. As a result, these detailed marketing programs are the most important, practical outcome of the whole planning process.
These plans must therefore be: clear, quantified, focused, realistic and agreed upon by all involved. Those who are to implement them should be committed to them and agree that they are achievable. The resulting plans should become a working document which will guide the campaigns taking place throughout the organization over the period of the plan. If the marketing plan is to work, every exception to it (throughout the year) must be questioned; and the lessons learned, to be incorporated in the next year’s plan.


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