Branding Your Company

Branding Crush Event Rentals

Branding for Crush Event Rentals started with the creative brief from the client. We utilized the information from the brief to find inspiration for three visual cues that would communicate the brand very well. Vintage luggage tags, vintage furniture and typefaces that evoked a classic retro style. As the concept progressed, we quickly found our way to a logo that we knew was right for our client.

After an early concept was approved by the client, we began to refine the typeface and finalize the color study of the “vintage tag” logo. We wanted the typeface and color of the brand to be unique but still touch on the familiar tone of the vintage style that would represent Crush Event Rentals in the marketplace.

Branding your company is a fantastic journey. From the initial creative brief, to inspiration, to final approval. It is very exciting to see your brand develop and then applied to your website and printed materials.

Magazine Ad Design

Magazine ad design is a critical component to most company’s marketing strategy. For two years, Sillitto Design has greatly enjoyed creating magazine ad designs for Graham-Pelton Consulting, a global fundraising and nonprofit management consulting firm. Here is a series of magazine ad designs that continues to promote a strong brand and Graham-Pelton’s strategy for its clients.

Update Your Brand, Grow Your Business

Have you seen the new Yahoo logo? They have changed it once again to reflect the evolution of their products. So many companies think they can never update their logo once it’s done even if it no longer works for them. Take a lesson from Yahoo and update as your company changes.

Yahoo! New Logo

Brand New WordPress Theme

Check out our latest WordPress Theme.

StudioPress Theme of the Month

Rejuvenate Your Brand

Logo design is one of the most important projects Sillitto Design does for our clients. A strong brand needs a well thought out logo to support its message.Time to rejuvenate your brand? A new logo for this client gives his brand a solid foundation to create his website and new print collateral.

The Best Urban Radio on the Internet

A great source for internet radio,

alpharetta logo design







Sillitto Design created a strong, sophisticated logo to support the growth of the brand in the online music marketplace.

Wendy’s New Girl!

Fresh new brand for the burger flipping redhead! Make sure your brand is just as FRESH! Ask Sillitto Design about what we can do for your brand and logo!

Fresh New Logo